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You are likely here because you are interested in purchasing the elusive and hard to find Victorian Bulldog. You are in the right place. Puppies Galore has been selling Victorian Bulldogs for close to a decade. If you are simply looking to find out more information about the Victorian Bulldog breed, you are in the right place for that too. You will be able to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Victorian Bulldog breed.

What is a Victorian Bulldog?

A Victorian Bulldog is the result of a breeder in the 1980’s. He carefully bred bulldogs so they would resemble the characteristics of the bulldogs that were prevalent in the Victorian Era. Bulldogs had been bred poorly in the decades prior to the 80’s which led Ken Mollett to try to create a breed which was just as sought after as the English bulldog but with a higher breed and health standard. We all love English Bulldogs but the Victorian Bulldog is a more athletic and healthy breed.

Lifespan – 12 to 14 Years – The Victorian Bulldog has a long lifespan for a large breed dog.
Activity Level – Medium – Victorian Bulldogs are not hyper by any means but they are very athletic dogs. They love to workout. If you are looking for a jogging buddy, the Victorian bulldog is a great fit for you. They are intelligent, obedient. Due to their wide stance and height they will certainly keep any foes at bay.
Potential Weight – 55 to 75 pounds – The male Victorian bulldog can actually end up weighing more than 75 lbs. It really depends upon their lineage and diet.
Potential Height – A Victorian Bulldog will usually end up being 16 to 20 inches at the shoulder when they are full grown. Their height is not as notable as their broad shoulders and muscular build.
Barking – Rarely – A Victorian Bulldog does not bark very often. They are generally very quiet dogs that are not easily disturbed.
Shedding – Moderate – Victorian Bulldogs do shed. Like many other breeds they will shed a little bit more in the spring and fall as the seasons change. They do not have long hair like a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever so the hair is less noticeable.
Family Friendly– Absolutely – Victorian Bulldogs are very family friendly. They are gentle, loyal, and protective.
Pet Friendly – Somewhat- Victorian Bulldog are fiercely loyal and protective. Therefore, they may want to stand between you and another dog if they perceive the other dog as a threat. Socializing them early in their life is important. It is best to take them to dog parks to be around other dogs while they are still young.

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