Toy Poodle

Looking for a Toy Poodle Atlanta Georgia? Puppies Galore has Toy Poodle puppies in the store on a regular basis. When we have Toy Poodles in our store, they do not stay in the store very long. They are a great breed that is heavily sought after by those who really want a dog that will be a true companion. Check the available puppies page of our website to check availability.

We have financing available which makes the purchase of a Toy Poodle affordable for almost anyone. Below you will be able to find out more information about the Toy Poodle breed. We have done our best to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions about the breed or about Puppies Galore, call us.

Life Span – – 10- 18 years – The Toy Poodle has a long lifespan as long as they are given proper medical care and nutrition. Nutrition is really important for Toy Poodle’s health and longevity.
Activity Level – Moderate – The Toy poodle needs to have regular exercise and mental stimulation. You will find that if a Toy Poodle does not get proper exercise, they will bark more often. They are incredibly smart and need to be challenged with little games mentally.

Potential Height – True Toy Poodles are no taller than 10 inches at the shoulder.

Potential Weight – 4 to 6 pounds! Toy Poodles are one of the lightest dogs in the canine kingdom. If you are looking for a purse pal, this might just be the breed for you. That is one of the things that make them one of the most sought after breeds.

Barking –Moderate to High – The Toy Poodle will bark more often when they are not given proper mental stimulation and exercise. They are also known to be “trigger barkers”. When something is out of the ordinary or alerts them it will trigger a Toy Poodle to bark. Additionally, a Toy Poodle will not like being left at home alone over long periods of time.

Shedding – None to Low – The Poodle variety does not shed. The toy poodle in particular will rarely ever shed a single hair due to their size.

Family Friendly – Yes – The Toy Poodle is very family friendly. However, small children can hurt Toy Poodles easily due to the Toy Poodle’s tiny stature.

Pet-Friendly – Yes –The Toy Poodle will get along with others well. Do not be surprised if they convince a larger dog they are the leader of the pack.

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Are you ready to purchase a Toy Poodle puppy? We are ready to help. You can see our list of available puppies to see if we have a Toy Poodle in the store at this time. If we do not have a Toy Poodle in the store, do not worry, we likely will soon. You can finance the purchase of a Toy Poodle when purchasing from us. Financing allows you to pay small monthly payments instead of paying the entire purchase cost up front. We look forward to helping you find the Toy Poodle puppy that is right for you.