Toy Australian Shepherd

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The Toy Australian Shepherd is the smallest variety of the Australian Shepherd breed. It is significantly smaller than its other variations the: Miniature Australian Shepherd and Standard Australian Shepherd. The Toy Australian Shepherd makes a great companion.

Life Span –12 to 13 years – Just like with all dogs, nutrition and proper healthcare will play a significant role in determining the lifespan of a Toy Australian Shepherd.

Activity Level – Moderate to High – The Toy Australian Shepherd has a surprisingly large amount of energy for a dog its size. The Australian Shepherd was originally bred for herding other animals. Despite the Toy Australian Shepherd’s size it is still equaly as active as the standard Australian Shepherd. They have a high amount of energy and will be bested suited for individuals that have time to dedicate to daily play. They thrive when they have plenty of chewy toys to wrangle and corral.

Potential Height – 10 -14 inches tall at the shoulder. The Toy Australian Shepherd will never be very big. However, it will certainly surprise you with its ability to keep up with larger dogs.

Potential Weight –20 pounds or less – The Toy Australian Shepherd can weigh between 12-20 lbs but will never weight more than 20 lbs. They are unlikely to become overweight due to their insatiable activity level.

Barking –Moderate to High– The Toy Australian Shepherd is known to be a frequent barker. However, it is important to note that all dogs can be trained to bark less frequently. The Toy Australian Shepherd will beark for a number of different reasons and it is important to identify why the Toy Australian Shepherd is barking if you hope to get more control over its barking. First it is important to keep in mind the energy level of a Toy Australian Shepherd If the Toy Australian Shepherd does not get enough physical activity, their high energy will cause them to bark more frequently and often. They will also bark if they see other animals or people in a group. The Australian Shepherd is a natural herder and one of the ways they express the desire to herd animals they see is by barking. The “desire to herd” barking is the hardest to change because it is instinctual. The Toy Australian Shepherd will also bark when playing. The bark when playing to truly try to communicate with you or just out of excitement.

Shedding-Moderate – The Toy Australian Shepherd is a moderate shedding dog that will benefit from brushing a couple of times each week, preferrably with a wire brush that is able to pull trapped hairs from their thick coat.

Family Friendly – Moderate –The Toy Australian Shepherd has a tendency to nip at people. Especially if people are running around or they want you to go to a particular place you are not going. The nipping is art of their instinctual desire to herd animals . Nipping is a technique that

Pet-Friendly Yes – The Toy Australian Shepherd typically does well with other breeds. They will really like another dog that helps them expend some of the excess eneergy.

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