Teddy Bear

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The Teddy Bear Breed is the combination of several different designer breeds. Usually a Teddy Bear is a combination one of the following breeds the Shihpoo, Poochon, or Zuchon.

Life Span – – 12- 16 years – Fortunately for all Teddy Bear owners, the Teddy Bear has a long lifespan. When a Teddy Bear has the proper diet and medical care, they can have one of the longest lifespan of a dog breed their same size.
Activity Level – Low- a Teddy Bear is not an active breed. They enjoy playing but are not a very active. A couple of short walks each day and a little romping around should suffice. The Teddy Bear would prefer to cuddle more than anything else.

Potential Height – 12 inches tall at the shoulder. All of the breeds in which the Teddy Bear originated from are small dog breeds.

Potential Weight – 12 to 14 lbs. – The Teddy Bear is a notoriously small breed that is ideal for people with small homes or those who live in an apartment.

Barking –Low to Moderate – The Teddy Bear breed is not known for barking a lot. They are pretty quiet, which means they are unlikely to bother anyone with their bark. It also means they are not the best watch dog but they are one of the best companions.

Shedding – Very Little – The Teddy Bear is commonly bred with a poodle mix which keeps it from shedding too much at all.

Family Friendly – Yes – The Teddy Bear is simply one of the best family dogs you can have. They are kind, caring, intuitive, and quiet. They are a fantastic family dog.

Pet-Friendly – Yes –The Teddy Bear is not an aggressor and is not overly territorial either. They are extremely friendly with other dogs and people too.

Breed Origins – Not much is known about the origin of the Teddy Bear breed. The breed can only be traced back to the early 2000’s.

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