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Furry Facts

The Rottweiler breed can be traced back to ancient Rome. They were used to drive cattle to the regions in which the Romans were conquering. They continued to be used as cattle drivers for hundreds of years. When they drove cattle to the market, Rottweiler owners would put the money in a satchel and hand it around the dogs neck to keep it safe from thieves. While a thief may have attempted to steal from the cattle owners, they were too scared to steal the satchel from around the Rottweilers neck. During the late 1800’s the Rottweiler breed almost became extinct. Thanks to the Rottweiler and Leonberger Club we still have the Rottweiler breed we all love. They are now the 17th most popular breed out of the 155 the AKC recognizes.

Quick Facts

Lifespan – 8 to 11 years. As with all larger dogs, the Rottweiler has a shorter lifespan.

Activity Level – High – The Rottweiler breed was once a work dog. Their job was to herd cattle and even haul meat on carts. Even though they are no longer do farm work, they still look for a purpose and way to burn their energy. They are ready to do heavy lifting and run. The AKC recommends as much as 2 hours a day of exercise.

Potential Height – 20 to 28 inches at their shoulders

Potential Weight – 80 to 145 pounds.

Barking – Moderate – The Rottweiler is one of the best watch dog breeds on the planet. If you are looking for a dog that will protect your family, the Rottweiler will be a great fit. They will bark at any perceived threat to you or your family. Their bark and large stature alone is enough to send any potential threat in another direction.

Shedding – Seasonally – A Rottweiler will usually shed in the spring and fall. They are not heavy shedders outside of those seasonal period of shedding. Regular brushing will be something they enjoy and you will too.

Family Friendly – Moderately – They will protect your family at all costs. They would never attempt to hurt anyone in your family unless trained to do harm to others. However, they may bump into people or little ones in an attempt to herd them. It is something that is instinctual due to their breed. With a little training this can easily be curbed and changed.

Pet Friendly – Somewhat- Rottweilers will do better with a dog of the opposite sex. Also they tend to be food territorial. All dogs and breeds can get along with other dogs if properly socialized and trained.

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