One of two things likely happened before you reached this page of our site. You either asked yourself the question: “What is a Puggle?” or you are looking to purchase a Puggle. First and foremost we want to make sure we answer the question, “What is a Puggle?” A Puggle is the offspring of a Beagle and a Pug. They are really quite adorable. Their great demeanor and cute face makes them a breed that is sure to win over anyone.

We are here at Puppies Galore to answer any questions you have about the Puggle breed or other breeds we may have within our store. It is our goal to educate and assist you before as well as after your purchase of a puppy. If you are looking for a Puggle puppy there is no better place to purchase one than at Puppies Galore. We are one of the only stores in the greater Atlanta area that has Puggle puppies on a regular basis. It is important to note that our prices on all breeds are thousands of dollars lower than other stores in Georgia. Call us today or read more about the Puggle breed below.

Quick Facts

Lifespan – 10 to 15 years – The average lifespan is between 12 to 13 years.

Activity Level – Moderate – A pug is a really low activity dog while a Beagle is relatively high energy dog. The combination of their energy levels makes an ideal dog for most Georgia people’s lifestyle. If you like the outdoors and spending time outside the Puggle will be a great fit. The Beagle is often referred to as an instinctually overactive breed. The Beagle will stubbornly follow its nose above all else. The Beagle will follow a scent for miles or even days. On the contrast, a Pug is relatively indifferent to the scents in the outside world.

Potential Height –13 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder

Potential Weight – 15 to 40 pounds when they are full grown

Barking- Moderate to Frequent – All dog can be trained not to bark. The Puggle can bark or howl depending upon whether they receive the dominant gene from the Pug parent or the Beagle. A Puggle will be quick to alert you if a stranger is at the door. The beagle side of them prompts them to bark or howl at other animals outside or sudden noises. They have a heightened sense of hearing and are ready hunt down the source of the noise at any time of day.

Shedding- Seasonal – Puggles will shed during the fall and spring. They are a low-maintenance dog as far as grooming is concerned.

Family Friendly- Yes – Puggles are a great dog for any family. They have a happy-go-lucky personality. A Puggle is commonly referred to as spunky and enthusiastic. They are fantastic with kids.

Pet Friendly – Definitely – A Puggle is a good natured dog with a positive attitude. They like to have a companion buddy to keep them company. A Puggle can be stubborn at times and having another dog willfully follow directions will help curb any negative behavior.

Fur Real Famous

A few celebrities that have or have had Puggles: Jake Gyllenhal, Julianne Moore, James Gandolfini, & Uma Thurman.


If you still have more questions, do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help you with any of your questions regarding dog breeds or the buying process. It is our hope that we can help match you with a Puggle or another dog breed that you feel suits you the best. All of us here at Puppies Galore look forward to assisting you.

Pictures of other Puggles

Puggle Puppies For Sale Near Atlanta Georgia

Puggle Puppies For Sale Near Atlanta Georgia

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