Looking for a Pug puppy Atlanta Georgia area residents? You are in the right place. Want to find more information on the Pug breed? You are in the right place for that too! Puppies Galore has created this page of our website for the breed so many of us love so much, the Pug. What’s not to love? They have a cute face, those big eyes, and an even bigger personality to boot. Pug puppies are hard to find. When we have an opportunity to purchase high quality Pug puppies, we always purchase them. The Pug is a very popular breed so when they come into our store they seem to go right back out to their forever home.

Puppies Galore only sells Pug puppies that have come from Federally and state licensed breeders. Additionally, our prices are hundreds and even thousands below other local competitors in the area. If you are looking to purchase a pug puppy from our store, you do not need to have the entire purchase amount up front. Most people apply for financing. When you are approved for financing you can put down as little as $0 to $50 and take a Pug puppy home today. If we do not have a Pug puppy available, don’t worry we can search through our vast network of breeders for you and even custom order a Pug of your choosing. Call us today to find out more about our store or the Pug breed. You can also read more below about the breed characteristics.

Quick Facts

Lifespan – 12 to 15 years – A Pug is a small dog and if they are provided the right diet and healthcare, they can live to their middle teens.
Activity Level – Low – The Pug is the couch potato of the dog breed. They were originally bred to be companion dogs and that is the role that still fits them best to this very day. They may goof off and show off to get your attention in short bursts but will then look to go right back to lounging.

Potential Height – 10 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder.
Potential Weight – 10 to 14 pounds – Weight is kind of a tricky one to answer for the Pug breed. Pug owners love to spoil their dogs. Pugs love to act hungry and will do just about accomplish any level of cuteness needed to earn a treat. Therefore, a lot of Pugs become overweight. It is important to make sure you are feeding them the right amount of food for their age. Additionally, try to resist their ability to hypnotize you with their cuteness for treats.

Barking– Minimum – Pugs are not known to be excessive barkers. When they do bark it usually sounds like more a of a “rowl” than a normal bark. Although they are not known to be loud and incessant barkers, one famous Pug warned Prince William III that the spaniards were invading and saved his life. The Paul Revere of Pugs!

Shedding – Moderate – Pugs are a short haired dog but they are double coated. That means they will be more prone to seasonal shedding. Their folds in their face should be cleaned regularly to avoid infection.

Family Friendly– Absolutely! – Pugs are a very family friendly dog. They just want to be everyobnes companion. Don’t expect them to do too much in the way of fetch or chasing toys. They are really quite sedentary creatures. They love kids, but be sure small children are cautious around a Pug. The Pug has small legs and can easily be injured by a child who does not know how to handle a dog yet.

Pet Friendly – Yes – The Pug breed is relatively indifferent do other dogs. The Pug just wants to snuggle.

Important Breed Information

The Pug is a short snouted dog which means it gets overheated easily. They cannot withstand hot temperatures for an extended period of time. They are known to snore quite loudly.

Fur Real Famous

Celebrities & Royalty that have owned a Pug: Prince William III, Marie Antoinette, Jessica Alba, Robin Williams, Gerard James Butler, Billy Joel, Dennis Quaid, Andy Warhol, Nick Carter, Paris Hilton, Amber Riose, George Clooney, & the list goes on… There are very few breeds that have graced the presence of such an extensive list of royalty and celebrities alike.

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Pug Puppies

Pug Puppies for Sale Near Atlanta GA

Pug Puppies for Sale Near Atlanta GA