Quick Facts

Lifespan – 12 to 16 Years. Pomeranians, like most small breeds have a long life span. Some can live until their late teens if cared for properly.

Potential Height – 8 to 11 Inches Tall. Pomeranians are very short dogs even when they’ve grown into adults.

Potential Weight – 3 to 7 Pounds. Pomeranians are one of the lightest dog breeds. Although they may look heavier due to their thick and puffy fur, they are very light.

Barking –Moderate to Frequent. Pomeranians are very alert dogs. They pay attention to every little noise and change in environment. Therefore, they make great watchdogs. They will let you know if there is any suspicious noise or stranger walking by your house.

Shedding – Low to Medium Shedding. Although Pomeranians have an excessive amount of fur, they are not known for excessive shedding. They shed when they are losing their puppy hair. They are also known as seasonal shedders. That means the amount that they shed is affected by the changing seasons. It is recommended to brush them a couple of times a week during seasonal changes.

Family Friendly – Yes. Pomeranians are family friendly. You should be more concerned with whether or not the dog is safe around infants than vice-versa. They are a small framed dog that can be injured if a toddler is not careful around the Pomeranian.

Pet Friendly – Yes. While Pomeranians think they are big dogs they are relatively pet friendly. They are a massive dog stuck in a tiny dog’s body. Confidence is not something they lack at all. That can get them in some sticky situations from time to time but overall they are great companions with other dogs.

Furry Facts

Breed Origins – Pomeranians were named after a province in Germany named Pomerania. Believe it or not they descended from sled dogs. It was only when Queen Victoria had these character packed pals accompany her to a conformation show that they rapidly gained popularity.

Important Breed Information – Pomeranians are very independent. Additionally, they are very intelligent and incredibly loyal companions. In their mind they are much bigger in stature than they actually are. This can lead them to pick on dogs that are larger than them. Furthermore their size can allow them to be mistaken by predatory animals including coyotes, hawks and owls. It is a good idea to accompany them outside so they are less likely to be harmed, particularly if you do not have a fenced yard.

Poms are very confident dogs. They can always be seen holding their head high as they trot about. Pomeranians are very pet friendly when they are socialized correctly with other dogs.

Pound for pound Pomeranians have one of the loudest barks which can be both a positive and negative attribute. When training a Pomeranian it is important to stay consistent and firm. If you are not assertive they may become snippy. As part of their training it is a good idea to train them to stop barking on command. They are very untrusting of strangers.

Fur Real Famous

Celebrity Owners – Elvis Presley, Gwen Stefani, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Sylvester Stallone, LeAnn Rimes, Lisa Vanderpump, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, and Carmen Electra.

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