If you want to find out more information about this Hybrid breed you have come to the right page of our website. Although they are not a well known hyrbrid breed yet, they are quickly gaining popularity. Those of you who do not know already, a Morkie is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. The Maltese and Yorkie are both very popular and highly sought after breeds. Morkies can have a wide range of appearance and characteristics. The goal of the Morkie is to take the most desirable characteristics from both the Yorkie and Maltese to make an ideal combination. You can find some of the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below the next paragraph.

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Quick Facts

Lifespan 10 to 13 years

Activity Level– Moderate – The Morkie will gladly keep kids busy. They will enthusiastically chase toys and balls around the house or yard. They are a well-balanced dog that enjoys snuggling as much as playing.

Potential Height9 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder when they are full grown.

Potential Weight – 8 to 13 pounds when full grown.

Barking – Moderate – Morkies are known to be suspicious of those who they do not know or strangers. They will bark at anything out of the ordinary. Squirrels are their arch-nemesis. Also don’t expect for the mailman or woman to be their best friend.

Shedding Very Little – One of the key objectibes of breeding a Yorkie and a Maltese was to create a small dog that shed very little. Most Morkies do not shed enough to be noticed.

Family Friendly – Yes – They are a very family friendly dog breed. However, small children may accidentally gurt them because they are a small dog. You will need to make sure you give your small children proper guidance on how to interact with a Morkie in a safe manner.

Pet Friendly – Yes – However don’t be surprised if they get a litte territorial over their favorite person in the house.

Fur Real Famous

Celebrities that have owned a Morkie Drake, Joan Rivers, Britney Spears, Kevin Jonas, Orlando Bloom, Hillary Duff, & Paris Hilton just to name a few.

Pictures of other Morkies

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