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LIFESPAN – 10 to 15 Years – Luckily, a Mini-Goldendoodle has a long lifespan. They will live longer than their larger cousin, the Goldendoodle.

ACTIVITY LEVEL – Moderate – Mini-Golden Doodles are equally as active as their larger tend to be less active than Golden Retrievers and more active than poodles. They need a good walk or run every day in order to maintain good mental health. They are also known to be great swimmers and really enjoy it.

POTENTIAL HEIGHT – 15 to 20 Inches Tall – Males will always be taller than females.

POTENTIAL WEIGHT – 30 to 35 Pounds – Mini-Goldendoodles can vary in weight a great deal. The weight of a Mini-Goldendoodle is determined by whether their parents receive the dominate gene from the Golden Retriever or Miniature poodle.

BARKING – Moderate – Mini-Golden Doodles are very in-tune to their environment. They are very alert. You will find they are quick to bark at noises that startle them, squirrels, birds, and strangers.

SHEDDING – Almost None – Mini Golden Doodles are great for people who have allergies or are sensitive to dog dander. F1 Mini Golden Doodles are slightly more likely to shed than F2 Mini Golden Doodles.

FAMILY FRIENDLY – Yes – They are very eager to please and friendly. They are ideal service dogs and companion dogs.

PET FRIENDLY – Yes – Mini-Goldendoodles really enjoy having a dog pal.

What is the difference between a F1 and a F2 Goldendoodle?
A F1 Mini-Goldendoodle is the offspring of a miniature poodle and a Golden Retriever. A F2 Mini-Goldendoodle is the offspring of two Mini-Golden Doodles. (Basically F1+F1=F2) A F2 Mini-Golden Doodle will typically have hair that is curlier. Additionally they will not shed as much. F1 Mini-Golden Doodles shed very little to begin with but a F2 will shed even less.

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