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Looking for a Labrador Retriever in the Atlanta area? You are not alone. The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in America. Puppies Galore has the Lab puppy you are looking for. Puppies Galore is a store in Georgia that has a wide variety of breeds including Labrador Retrievers. If you’ve fallen in love with the Labrador Retriever, we understand why. The Labrador Retriever is a great fit for almost any household. You will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. Don’t feel like reading? Don’t worry, we have knowledgeable experts that are willing to answer any and all questions you may have about the Labrador Retriever breed. Feel free to call us, come into the store to see some of our puppies, check out our available puppies or other breeds we frequently have in our store.

Quick Facts

Lifespan – 12-13 years – The Labrador Retriever has a long lifespan compared to other dogs its same size.

Activity Level – High They are a very active dog. They need room to run. They are a great sprinter. The Labrador Retriever can reach speeds of 12 miles per hour in only 3 seconds. They enjoy anything and everything that can be done in water. They are incredibly versatile and athletic dogs.

Potential Height – 22-24 inches tall – Male and females both have the potential to reach 22-24 inches tall at the shoulder.

Potential Weight – 55 to 79 lbs – It is important to let the Labrador Retriever be an active dog. If they do not get the proper exercise they need, they may become overweight. Overweight Labrador Retrievers are more prone to health issues such as joint pay and hip dysplasia.

Barking – Moderate – They like to bark when they get excited or are playing. When they are ready fir you to throw a ball they will let you know. The only other times they are keen to bark is when they sense danger. They are great watch dogs and are very

Shedding –Moderately – They are seasonal shedders. They tend to shed more in the spring and fall.

Family Friendly – Yes- The Labrador Retriever is an incredibly intelligent dog breed that thrives in a family environment. They do not does not need a lot of extra direction when it comes to training. The Labrador Retriever is great for a dog novice or a first time dog owner. They make training a cinch.

Pet Friendly – Yes- The Labrador Retriever is a breed that adapts to new people and environments quickly. They are also a very tolerant breed. Those qualities make them ideal for a multi-pet household.

Furry Facts

Breed Origins – They are breed whose origins can be traced back to Newfoundland in the early 1800’s. They were bred to be a smaller version of the Newfoundland. They needed a dog that was able to retriever fishing nets and fish that came off of their hooks. Since there was already a dog breed named the Newfoundland, the Labrador was named after the sea in which they worked in the most often, The Labrador Sea.

Fun Facts

  • The Labrador Retriever has extremely strong back legs. They hold the record for the longest jump into water which is a whopping 27 feet!
  • They have webbed toes which help them swim. Seriously, they have webbed toes. It is one of the things that make them such an amazing swimmer.
  • They have a layered coat which has a coat of oil which will help them dry quickly and stay warm.

Fur Real Famous
A few famous people that have Labrador Retrievers: Bill Clinton, Minnie Driver, Drew Barrymore, Edie Falco, Kevin Costner, Mary Kate Olson, Steve Martin, Prince Charles, & Sandra Bullock. If you are have a Labrador Retriever you’ll be in good company. Everyone from movie stars to royalty has a Labrador Retriever.

More Pictures of Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever PuppiesLabrador Retriever Puppy Atlanta

Labrador Retriever Puppies AtlantaBrown Labrador Retriever Puppies

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