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Quick Facts

Lifespan – 10 to 14 Years
Activity Level – Low to Moderate – Japanese Chin are a low maintenance and low energy dog that enjoys lounging and snuggling.
Potential Height – 8 to 11 inches – The Japanese Chin will only reach a maximum height of 11 inches!
Potential Weight – 4 to 7 pounds – The Japanese Chin is one of the fourth smallest dog breed known to man. They are ideal for people looking for a small dog.
Barking – Rarely – While many other small dog breeds bark often, the Japanese Chin does not bark often at all. They are relatively quiet pet.
Shedding – Rarely – Their coat can take two to five years to come in fully. Weekly brushing will be more than adequate to maintain their coat. They are a very clean breed. Japanese Chins naturally want to keep a clean appearance and environment. They are not a messy breed.
Family Friendly – Yes – The Japanese Chin is family friendly. However, you should also consider whether your family is Japanese Chin friendly. The Japanese Chin is a very small dog which can lead it to being injured easily if people are not careful around the dog. They may not be the best dog for someone who has a toddler.
Pet Friendly – Yes – They are very pet friendly. They are perfectly content not being the dominate dog in a household. The Japanese Chin is a very relaxed and easy-going breed.

Breed Origins

They are not from Japan at all. They are believed to have first originated in China and later came to Japan with Buddhist Monks around the middle of the 6th century. The word Chin means royalty in the Japanese language. Essentially Japanese Chin basically means Japanese royalty. The Chinese Aristocrats once gave them as gifts to visiting nobles.

Fun Facts

  • They do what has been come to be called the Chin Spin. They stand on their hind legs and spin around when excited for attention or when they want a treat.
  • Their breed does not originate from Japan!
  • They act like cats! Seriously. They like clean environments, like to be perched up high on objects and even have a loving but indifferent demeanor.
  • Snizzle. You read that right. Snizzle. Japanese Chin are known to Snizzle often. A snizzle is a reverse sneeze. Some people are alarmed when the Japanese Chin snizzles continuously, but it is common amongst the flat faced breeds. It is nothing to worry about. The word snizzle, is certainly a lot of fun to say.

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