You are likely on this page of our website because you are interested in purchasing a Havashu puppy. Others of you may simply be asking, What is a Havashu and how did I stumble across this website page? Those of you who do not know already, a Havashu is a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Havanese. Both the Shih Tzu and Bichon are heavily sought after breeds with a lot of great qualities. When the best of these two breeds are brought together they make a super cute hybrid dog breed, the Havashu. When you are looking for a Havashu puppy, there is no better place to find one than Puppies Galore. We have Havashu puppies in our store on a regular basis. Check out our available puppies to see if we have Havashu puppies available or read more about the breed below. We look forward to connecting you with the Havashu that you are trying to find.

Life Span –12- 16 years – The Havashu is a small dog. Like most small dogs, the Havashu has a long lifespan and will give you many years of joy.
Activity Level – Moderate – Expect short bursts of energy. They will usually burn through their energy with some romping and running indoors. However, it is still a good idea to take them on a couple of walks each day so they can get the proper amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

Potential Height – 10 -12 inches tall at the shoulder. The Havashu do not grow to be very tall. They are a small breed even when full grown.

Potential Weight – 8 to 14 lbs. – The Havashu’s parents the Shih Tzu and Havanese are both small breeds. Therefore, the Havashu breed does not grow to be very large. Their size depends largely upon whether they are a male or female. It also depends upon whether they inherited their dominant gene that determines size from their Shih Tzu parent or slightly larger Havanese parent.

Barking – Moderate – The Havashu breed is not known to be an overactive barking breed. They will however bark at strangers, passers-by, mailmen, and anything they perceive as a threat.

Shedding – Very Little – The Havashu rarely sheds. If you find that your Havashu is shedding, you may want to speak with your vet or consider changing your dogs’ diet.

Family Friendly – Yes – The Havashu is a very adaptive breed. They will adjust quickly to new environments or people quickly. They are a caring and intuitive breed that does well with children. However, makes sure young children treat the Havashu with the level of care the dog deserves. The Havashu is a small breed that can be injured if they are not treated with the respect they require.

Pet-Friendly – Yes – Havashu are quick to accept new friends are will adjust accordingly. They are honestly a great addition to a household that has an existing dog. Additionally, they are an equally as willing to accept a new canine member to the household. They are pretty easy-going.

Breed Origins – There is not much history that can be found on the Havashu mix breed. However, the Shih Tzu and Maltese both have an extensive history that can be traced back for hundreds of years.

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