Quick Facts

Lifespan – 12 to 15 Years Old. Havanese are great companion dogs due to their lifespan and bond they make with their owner.

Activity Level – High. Havanese have a very high energy level for their size. They are very agile and are well known for their ability in sports.

Potential Height – 8 to 12 Inches Tall at the Shoulder.

Potential Weight – 10 to 16 Pounds.

Barking – Rarely. Havanese will only bark when they see someone walking by or someone approaching the home. They may also bark if they hear a strange noise. However, they will not bark just for the sake of barking.

Shedding – Never. The Havanese breed is considered a non-shedding dog. However, there is a slight amount of shedding during seasonal changes.

Family Friendly – Very. Havanese are some of the most family friendly dogs you will ever meet. They are friendly to family, friends, and even strangers.

Pet Friendly – Very. They are some of the most pet friendly dogs. They get along with all types of animals. Yes, even cats.

Furry Facts

Breed Origins – Small dogs came with settlers from Spain to Cuba when Columbus first claimed Cuba. The dogs that were brought to Cuba were members of what we now know to be the Bichon family. However, the dogs that were brought to Cuba were isolated and unable to breed with dogs off the island. Havenese became very popular in the late 1800’s. They were taken to Europe where they were owned only by royalty, wealthy, and elite. Later the Havanese almost became extinct. There were only a few families that still bred the dogs in Cuba. Luckily during the Cuban revolution, 11 Havanese dogs came to the United States. Every Havanese within the United States can pretty much be traced back to 1 of the 11 dogs that came to the United States in the late 50’s.

Important Breed Information – Havanese are very owner attached dogs. They will love everyone in your family but they will know who their owner is and become very attached to them. When they are separated from their owner they will have anxiety. Additionally, they are extremely intelligent dogs. Havanese are easy to train. However, they are so intelligent that they may end up, unbeknownst to you, training you instead of the other way around. They love shredding things, paper to be exact. Therefore, if you have important paperwork, do not leave it on the floor. The dog will not eat your homework, but it may very well shred it. Tear a piece of paper in little pieces, you will find it is quite enjoyable and so do they.

Fur Real Famous

Celebrity Owners – Venus Williams, Barbara Walters, Daniel Tosh, and Jane Fonda