German Shepherd

Looking for a German Shepherd puppy in the Atlanta Georgia area? Puppies Galore is one of the most popular places in Georgia to buy full blooded German Shepherd puppies. Our customers always have a lot of questions about the German Shepherd breed so we have tried to answer some of the most common questions people ask us about German Shepherds.

Quick Facts

Lifespan – 9-13 years.
Activity Level – German Shepherds are high energy animals and while they can live in a small apartment a house with a large yard is ideal. It is recommended that you take your German Shepherd for multiple walks during the day. It is also important to be aware that you will make your German Shepherd miserable if you leave him at home for long hours at a time with little to no activity.

Potential Height – 24-26 inches tall at the shoulders.

Potential Weight – 65-90 pounds

Barking – German Shepherds are known for being big barkers which can be attributed to their protective natures. However, many German Shepherds are generally pretty quiet if there is not a perceived threat or they are not playing. Early socialization with people and other animals is paramount to this particular breed. This can include taking him to see people or places he may encounter as an adult so that they aren’t foreign to him as an adult thus causing him to be on high alert. It should be noted that with German Shepherds socialization should be continued throughout their life.

Shedding – German Shepherds shed a lot and this tends to last all year long with a heavier shed period during spring when shedding their winter coat. It is imperative that you brush your German shepherd daily and bathe him once a month.

Family Friendly – With early socialization around children it is easy for both children and German shepherds to create a strong and loving bond. German Shepherds are amazing guard dogs and are even referred to as babysitter dogs in England. German Shepherds are pack animals and are especially protective of children.

Pet-Friendly – Again with early socialization German Shepherds can create strong and loving bonds with other animals. When introducing a German Shepherd puppy to other household pets it seems to be an easy transition but when trying to introduce adult German shepherds to new household pets it is recommended to do it slowly and cautiously over time.

Breed Origins – The German Shepherd breed is also known as an Alsatian in Ireland and in Britain. Their origin dates back to 1899 which makes the breed a fairly new breed of dog. German Shepherds were bred as working dogs to herd sheep and have taken on many roles and responsibilities since such as military, search and rescue, detection dogs (bombs, narcotics, and human remains) and airport dogs just to name a few.

Fur Real Famous – The German Shepherd is a favorite of many celebrities including Ben Affleck, Joe Biden, John f. Kennedy, Tyler Perry and Michael Jackson.