Welcome to Puppies Galore page dedicated to the lovable Dachshund. They are certainly one of the most popular breeds in state of Georgia. We are always trying to find high quality dachshunds. They are one of the fastest selling breeds in our store. They are one of the best and safest additions to any household.

Furry Facts

Dachshund are also common referred to as wiener dogs due to their appearance resembling that of a hot dog. They come in three different varieties: The short-hair, wire haired, and the long haired. Due to their stubborn nature it is best to crate train them. They were originally bred to hunt. We know that might sound a little crazy because they are a half a dog high off the ground and 2 dogs long, but it’s true. They would not kill animals but they were bred to dig up badgers. They were also used to follow wounded game that is large because the large game would not perceive them as a threat due to their size. Do not be surprised if they dig up a couple of plants in your yard or tear apart their toys. It is just the nature of their breed.

Quick Facts

LIFESPAN – 12 to 16 years.

ACTIVITY LEVEL – High – They love to play and run around. Keep in mind they have short legs and are small in stature. While they are quite active they will not sprint around incredibly quickly. That is unless they are the wire haired variety because the wire haired variety has the terrier breed in their bloodline.

POTENTIAL HEIGHT – 5 to 6 inches

POTENTIAL WEIGHT – 11 to 32 pounds – We know this is a wide range of weights for a breed. However it really depends upon the variety of the breed they are. Dachshunds between 11-16 pounds are called Tweenies (It is a silly sounding name but that is what they are called)

BARKING – Moderate – They like to bark with proper training, this can be minimized. Also they have a surprisingly deep bark for their size. They may deter a stranger or two from your doorstep until the person sees their true size.

SHEDDING – Moderate – The wire haired variety sheds less than the other two varieties but they all still shed.

FAMILY FRIENDLY – Absolutely- They love the attention and are eager to please. It is important to be very careful with them. Dachshunds have long backs which can leave them more prone to injury. Do not let them jump from high surfaces. Also make sure you support their back when you pick them up.

PET-FRIENDLY – Yes – They are very friendly. The wire hair variety has the capability to be antagonistic due to the terrier in their bloodline.

Want a Dachshund? Are you located in the greater Atlanta area? Great! Call Puppies Galore to inquire about getting a Dachshund or check our available puppies. Due to popular demand, Dachshunds are very difficult to find and they usually do not stay available very long. We will be glad to do everything we can to help match you with the Dachshund you are looking for.