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Quick Facts

Life Span – The average lifespan for a Corgi is 12 to 14 years with proper nutrition and a lot of exercises a corgi can be expected to live a long and full life.
Activity Level –Corgis tend to be very active for their small size, they will play all day if given the chance.
Potential Height – Up to 30 pounds
Potential Weight – 10 inches to 1 foot tall at the shoulder
Barking – This breed is known to bark quite a bit, keep in mind that Corgis are herding dogs and barking is essential to monitoring and rounding up animals. However, this is something that can be worked on with early training and socializing. Since Corgis are naturally active it helps eliminate the urge to bark if they have been given time to play to get out some of their energy.
Shedding – Corgis are double coated which means they have a thick undercoat and a longer topcoat. Corgis are heavy shedders, continuously shedding with a heavier shed period twice a year. Existing and potential owners should be aware of this as Corgis are amongst the highest shedding in the dog community. Owners should be willing and capable of maintaining a frequent grooming, proper diet and bathing schedule.
Family Friendly – Corgis are very loyal, highly intelligent and playful. However, since they were bred as herding dogs they tend to be a little bossy and stubborn. It is because of this we recommend corgis being in homes with children 8 and older. This way the child can be properly trained how to behave around animals.
Pet-Friendly – Corgis are great with other family dogs but can be standoffish with strange dogs that they are not familiar with. Also since Corgis were bred as herd dogs they can be territorial on their home turf.
Furry Facts – Corgis are extremely intelligent and love to play.
Breed Origins – Unlike many dogs breed the Corgi doesn’t have a traceable origin or breed history. Most of what can be found on them date back from as early as the 9th or 10th century. What we do know is that they were bred to herd cattle, horses, and sheep.

Important Breed Information – Corgis like to eat and can become obese if their food consumption isn’t monitored. They are like the foodies of the canine kingdom. They will eat unlike any other dog their same size. These little shorties will try to convince you they are hungry right after they just ate food. It is always good to measure food by weight or by cup.

Fur Real Famous – Some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry are Corgi owners. Stephen King, Betty White, Alton Brown, Ava Gardner and Selma Blair to name a few. It is also a little-known fact Queen Elizabeth loves corgis.