Looking for a Cavapoo? Wondering what a Cavapoo is? Either way, you are on the right website. We have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Cavapoo breed below. If you are looking to purchase a Cavapoo puppy, you can check the available puppies page of our website. If you do not see a Cavapoo, do not worry. Our store is always getting new puppies and we will likely have a Cavapoo in our store within a short period of time.

A Cavapoo is a mix between a Poodle and a King Charles Cavalier. Both the Cavalier King Charles and Poodle have a long and noble history. The Cavapoo is quickly gaining popularity due to the desirable characteristics they inherit from their parents.

Life Span – – 13- 15 years – The Cavapoo has a long lifespan. The Poodle and Cavalier can have health issues which can shorten their lifespan. However, the Cavapoo is less likely to have any health issues since they are a crossbreed. Due to their overall health and relatively active activity level, they will be able to bless you with many years of joy.
Activity Level – Moderate – Cavapoo are not overly active breed. They enjoy some moderate exercise and do not need a large amount of outside time. A simply walk each day or two should suffice outside of indoor playtime.

Potential Height – 9 -14 inches tall at the shoulder. The Cavapoo height depends upon whether or not the poodle parent was a miniature or toy variety.

Potential Weight – 8 to 18 lbs. – The Cavapoo’s weight is the factor that is effected the most by the poodle parent. While a Cavapoo is never very large, if the parent is a miniature poodle, the Cavapoo can double in weight.

Barking –Low to Moderate – The Cavapoo breed is not known for barking too much. They will typically only bark at things they are supposed to bark at: strangers, strange noises, and other animals.

Shedding – Very Little – The Cavapoo has a poodle parent which means they do not shed very much. Poodles are known for being hypoallergenic. It is one of the characteristics that make all poodle mixed breeds so sought after.

Family Friendly – Yes – The Cavapoo is not aggressive at all. They are a very tolerant and family friendly breed. If you have small children or are looking for a dog that can be a loyal companion, the Cavapoo will be a great fit for you.

Pet-Friendly – Yes – Cavapoo are more than happy to have another canine friend within a home. Cavapoo area also a very kind breed and it is highly unlikely they will ever be an antagonist when interacting with another dog.

Breed Origins – The Cavapoo does not have a long history. Their recognized breed origins can be traced back to Australia in the 1990’s. However, the poodle and Cavalier King

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