Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are one the best companion animals. That is one of the reasons they are commonly selected as therapy dogs. If you are looking for a King Charles Spaniel in the greater Atlanta Georgia area, Puppies Galore is the place to go.

Brief History – The breed is descendent from royalty. The Cavalier King Charles’ name is derived from King Charles the first and second of England who were so fond of the breed they gave it their name. The characteristics of the Cavalier King Charles known to royalty looked different than the ones we know today. Once King Charles the second died, the Pug rapidly gained popularity in the same regions. The Pug and Cavalier King Charles were bred together which gave the Cavalier King Charles a shorter snout. A combination between the Cavalier King Charles named after King Charles and the pug breed have created the characteristics we identify with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels today.

Lifespan – 9 to 14 years

Activity Level – Moderate – Cavalier King Charles like to hang out inside and snuggle. However, they really truly enjoy what they were originally bred to do. They enjoy being outdoors and chasing small game and or birds. They are predominantly used as companion animals but would love to be outdoors retrieving birds.

Potential Weight- 13 to 18 lbs

Potential Height- 12-13 inches tall at the shoulder

Barking – Minimal – They might bark if someone comes to the door. However, they are such a friendly dog breed that they will stop barking and warm up to the person quickly. They really aren’t that great of guard dog, but they are a fantastic companion.

Shedding – Moderate – Seasonal shedding the spring and fall is very common for a Cavalier King Charles.

Family Friendly- Very – The Cavalier King Charles is one of the most-friendly and tolerant dog breeds known to man. They are simply a great breed for a family and have no issues with small children.

Pet Friendly- Very – They are very tolerant and accepting of other dogs. They enjoy canine companionship as much as human companionship.

Fur Real Famous – Cavalier have never stopped being sought out by famous individuals. Here are a few celebrities that have owned Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Diane Sawyer, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brad Paisley, Liv Tyler, and Ronald Reagan.

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