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One would guess that the expression “follow your nose” was created when talking about a Beagle. Beagles love to follow a scent whether it is for a few feet or even for a few miles. They love the outdoors. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a beagle will be your best friend. Just grab a leash and head for the outdoors. They are notorious escape artists even if you have a fence they will likely try to dig under it. However, they are known to always come back because of their incredible sense of direction and loyalty. They are very independent, headstrong, but incredibly loyal.

Life Span – 10 to 15 Years

Activity Level – High – Beagles are ready to go, go, go and go some more. Beagles are happiest when they are outside immersed in nature. Digging, running, chasing, hunting small game and wallowing are their favorite activities.

Potential Weight – 18 to 35 pounds

Potential Height – 13 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder

Barking – Frequent – Every breed has distinctive barks depending upon the reason for the barking. However, Beagles barks are much more distinctive. They range from a muffled tight lipped bark, to a full on whaling howl. If you have ever kept a beagle from hunting down an animal, you will most certainly hear them howl. Their name is actually derived from an ancient word that means loudmouth.

Shedding – Moderate – They shed more in the Spring because their hair gets thicker in the Winter. They have very short hair so it is not very noticeable when they shed.

Family Friendly- Absolutely – Beagles make great family dogs because they are very playful. They love houses full of people and play pals. When they aren’t tracking a scent or running, they will gladly snuggle up next to you on the couch.

Pet Friendly – Very – The more playful their companion is the better. They will probably be inseparable. A secondary dog will help keep the beagle busy or they both might look for mischief together.

Fur Real Famous – Here are a few famous people that have owned Beagles. Barry Manilow, Jake Gyllenhaal, Miley Cyrus, & Frankie Muniz.

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