Are you here to learn more about the Beabull breed? Those of you who have just stumbled across this page and are asking, “What is a Beabull?” A Beabull, is a hybrid between the Bulldog and Beagle. The Beabull is a relatively new hybrid breed designed to combine the best qualities from each breed. Those of you who are looking for more information about the Beabull breed will be able to find it below. If you are interested in purchasing a Beabull puppy and are located in the state of Georgia, you are in luck. Puppies Galore is the best place to purchase a Beabull puppy. We have excellent prices and even offer financing options so purchasing a Beabull is an option for almost anyone. Call us today if you are interested in purchasing a Beabull puppy.

Lifespan – 10 to 13 Years. The goal of the Beabull was to pair a Bulldog with another breed that is less likely to have health issues. The Beabull is not plagued by many of the health issues that English Bulldogs can inherit.

Activity Level –Low to Moderate

The Beabull may enjoy a walk each day or a games for a short period of time. However, the Beabull will never be very active.

Potential Height – 12-16 inches tall. The Beabull will not grow to be very tall. What they lack in height they can easily make up for in stoutness.

Potential Weight – 35 to 50 Pounds. The Beabull though only 12-16 inches off the ground can amass a solid 50 plus pounds. Some have stated that the Beabull “grows out and not up.”

Barking – Low to Moderate- The Beabull will bark from time to time. They really do not make much noise. Luckily, they usually still inherit their Beagle howl which they will let you hear on rare occasions. Due to the rarety of their howl it is usually perceived as a novelty and not a nuisance.

Shedding – Moderate to Heavy. The Beabull only has one coat but are still a moderate shedding breed. Luckily, their hair is short and coarse which makes it less of an obstacle to clean up.

Family Friendly – Yes. They can still be a little stubborn. However, they are devoted, loving, loyal and tolerant. Those traits are what make them such an amazing family dog. If you have a family and want to get a Beabull, you could not make a better decision. They are truly one of the best breeds for a family of any age and size.

Pet Friendly – Yes. The Beabull, is a happy-go-lucky breed. They are highly sociable and will accept any new dog as their best friend. There are few other breeds that will go with the flow as easily as a Beabull.

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