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Lifespan – 13 to 15 Years. Australian Shepherds have a rather long lifespan for a medium sized dog. Although they can have some minor health issues later in life such as hip dysplasia and Thyroid issues, they have a relatively low risk of health problems. Proper nutrition will always help mitigate the risk of health problems.

Activity Level – Very Active. Australian Shepherds are a very active breed. As part of keeping an Aussie healthy, daily exercise is recommended. Australian Shepherds will require regular exercise to maintain their shape.

Potential Height – 18-23 Inches Tall. Males are almost always taller than female Australian Shepherds. They are considered an average sized dog.

Potential Weight – 35 to 70 Pounds. Male Australian Shepherds usually range from 55-70 pounds when they are adults. Females only weight about 35 to 55 pounds on average.

Barking – Moderate. Aussies only really bark to alert you that a person is approaching. If someone walks by your house, they will definitely tell you all about it. You will have no need for a doorbell if you have an Aussie.

Shedding – Moderate to Heavy. Australian Shepherds have a double coat of fur. The undercoat of fur will be shed twice a year. Other than seasonal shedding, they have moderate shedding throughout the year. Regular brushing a couple of times a week will definitely help reduce shedding within your home.

Family Friendly – Yes. Aussies are family friendly dogs. They need to be inside dogs when they are not outside getting their exercise.

Pet Friendly – Yes. Aussies get along with other dogs very well. Other pets help keep them entertained. It is important to remember that it is better to socialize all dogs when they are younger.

Furry Facts

Breed Origins – The Australian Shepherd came from breeds in Western Europe’s Basque country. The Basque people came to the United States and brought Aussies with them. The Basque people had lived in Australia briefly before coming to the Unites States. Other than briefly residing in Australia before coming to the United States, the Australian Shepherd has no other known relationship to Australia. Some have theorized that they were named after the imported sheep in which they herded.

Important Breed Information – Australian Shepherds are still used to herd and coral livestock today. It is truly impressive to see them in action. They have an amazing ability to predict animal behavior. Therefore, they are always able to stay one step in front of the herd. Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent and eager to please. Australian Shepherds are among the easiest breeds to train. They excel at sports and physical activities including Frisbee. Aussies like learning tricks. As a matter of fact, they will get bored and can even destructive if they do not have a way to exercise their brain and body regularly. An Australian Shepherd that is able to do a challenging physical activity that translates into a reward, is a happy Aussie. They really love to stay close to you. They will be your shadow so if you are really looking for a pal, Australian Shepherds will likely be a great fit for you.

Aussies are within the top 20 most popular breeds in the United States. . They are purpose driven dogs. Therefore, they make great service dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, and detection dogs. Some Aussies are born with their tails naturally docked and others have longer more full tails.

Do you have several kids that you are always trying to corral? Australian Shepherds may just keep you from having to repeat yourself. Australian Shepherds have been known to actually herd children. Aussies are natural born herders and if they do not have animals to herd, they will herd the next closest thing in their environment.

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Celebrity Owners – Stephen Spielberg, Alyssa Milano, Trace Adkins, Jennifer Connelly, Mel Gibson, Amanda Seyfried, James Brolin, and Jennifer Connelly.

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