American Eskimo

Welcome to Puppies Galore page all about the American Eskimo. Are thinking about getting an American Eskimo but still have some questions about the breed? We have taken some of the most frequently asked questions about the American Eskimo breed and answered many of those questions here on this page.

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The American Eskimo was originally bred to serve as a guard dog. Their job was simply to guard people and their property. The American Eskimo can be territorial by nature but they are not viewed as an aggressive breed.
Quick Facts
LIFESPAN – An American Eskimo has an average lifespan of 12-15 years.
ACTIVITY LEVEL –The American Eskimo need a lot of activity and exercise. They may be small dogs but they have a large amount of energy. Ultimately without enough exercise, an American Eskimo can become destructive out of boredom. Typically they do well in very lively or busy households as their endless amount of energy helps them keep up.
POTENTIAL HEIGHT –15 inches to 19 inches tall at the shoulder
POTENTIAL WEIGHT – 30 pounds. The American Eskimo appears to be a much heavier dog than it is due to its thick puffy coat.
BARKING –The American Eskimo has a very high pitched bark which can be annoying to owners and neighbors. This is something that can be worked on with early and consistent training, This breed makes a great watchdog and can be wary of strangers without a proper introduction.
SHEDDING – The American Eskimo sheds a lot and requires frequent brushing. It is best to brush your American Eskimo 3-4 times a week to cut down on some of the shedding,
FAMILY FRIENDLY – This breed makes for an amazing addition to any family. American Eskimos are affectionate with everyone, younger children, older children and of course adults, Owners should always supervise interactions between younger children and American Eskimos. It should also be noted that the high energy level of this breed can be overwhelming to younger children, so supervision is paramount.
PET-FRIENDLY –. Eskimos also do well with dogs and cats but it is important to give them an early introduction with supervision and consistent training.

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