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Puppies Galore in LawrencevillePuppies Galore is an Atlanta Metro puppy store that is dedicated to helping you find the right puppy for your home. Additionally, we are a Christian based business that believes in doing the right thing. We have a large variety of breeds within the store.

Take a Puppy Home for $0 Down when you are approved through our financing company! $0 Down! Puppies thousands of dollars less than other stores!!!

Free Potty Training Classes

New to raising a puppy or just need a little extra help with housebreaking? We’ve got you covered. At Puppies Galore, we offer FREE comprehensive training! Our time-tested potty training system will have your new best friend trained in two days to two weeks.

Free Chewing Classes

Nothing can put a damper on the excitement of bringing a new puppy home faster than finding out they have a destructive chewing habit! Our chewing and behavior classes teach your pup what they can play with and what’s off limits in no time at all.

Free Behavioral Classes

Every puppy has a unique personality which is why we love them… but that can sometimes pose behavior problems as well. Our behavioral classes are free for all customers and will help you modify your puppy’s behavior to live well in your home.

Licensed Breeder Network

At Puppies Galore, we are always getting new puppies in the store. All of our pups come from licensed breeders who are in compliance with all state laws. We carefully select our breeders so you know you’re always getting a healthy, happy puppy from Puppies Galore.

$0 Down Financing

$0 Down Financing Available. Take home a puppy today for ZERO down when you are approved through one of our financing companies!

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Our selection of puppies is always changing. We update our website regularly as new pups come in.
If you are looking for a particular breed you don’t see on our site, give us a call today.

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“Unbelievably wonderful people! Happy to show you any dog for as long as you like and are very knowledgeable about breeds and care for them. There able to finance most of the cost of the dog and they are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Wish I could rate it 10 stars!”

Neil Rollins

“Darlene is very knowledgeable and knows about her puppies. She is always open to questions and made sure we got the puppy that was a perfect match for us. She makes sure the puppies are healthy and ready to go to their new home. Thank you Puppies Galore for helping us make the right decision. We love our dog, Sam.”

Mag Clopez

“Puppies Galore is a reputable place to buy puppies. We bought 2 puppies from here – they are healthy and happy! Darlene is a former breeder and understands best practices among breeders. With each puppy sold, she gives you a folder with shot records, pedigree papers, how to care for your pup. They are very knowledgeable about the puppies and takes great care of them.”

Chris Byrd


Looking for a specific breed of puppy that is not currently in our store? Not a problem, we can show you all of the puppies we have the ability to purchase through our network of licensed breeders. If you see a puppy that you like and want to purchase, we can order it for you and it will be at our store within a short period of time. Custom ordering is not more expensive than a normal purchase and you can save thousands buying your puppy at Puppies Galore versus other puppy stores. Puppies Galore carefully chooses each dog that comes into our store.

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